Ductless Mini Split Systems in Richmond, MN

You may know about ductless systems or you may have heard about them, but do you know about the big advantages of them?

The most common ductless system is a heat pump ductless system. These will provide cooling in the summer and heat in the winter to your home. The most common situations ductless mini split systems are used in are patio homes with infloor heat and existing homes that have electric base board heat.

Ductless systems Richmond, MN

More Efficient

Ductless systems are more efficient than your traditional cooling system. With a ductless system you have no ductwork for the air to travel through. There is an indoor head, where the air enters the top of the head, goes through the coil, and then directly back into the space it is providing cool air or heat to. These units are smaller and use less energy making them more efficient.

With the traditional ducted system you have bigger equipment using more energy to push the air through to provide the home with the desired air. There is also air loss in this process through the joints of the ductwork making it less efficient.

Air Quality

Ductless systems have better air quality for the fact that there is no ductwork for dust to get attached to. Also they do not transfer air from one room to another, leaving the odor in a specific area, not spreading the odor throughout the home. Ductless systems offer a wide range of filtration to help improve the air quality.

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